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CBT Therapy & Hypnotherapy


Sometimes we need an alternative to a talking therapy to achieve our therapeutic goals, and hypnotherapy can be a rapid and effective option.


Hypnotherapy is a neuroscientific state of mind when the frequency of our brain waves slow from their typical Beta wavelength down to an Alpha or Theta wavelength. These are the frequencies our brains function in during sleep and relaxation. When in this state of mind, the obstacles preventing us achieving positive change can be overcome, so therapeutic transformation can be much quicker.

I create an experience which can be rapid and transformational using techniques and influences from NLP, psychotherapy, and CBT.  I use my clinical hypnotherapy and psychology background to resolve subconscious blocks, and heal previous experiences, to truly free you from unhelpful core beliefs, values, inner conflicts, habits and emotions.

When we make fundamental philosophical and healing changes we rewire our brains; you will fire up new pathways which help you break free from what's been holding you back. My approach can literally change the physiology of your brain.

Hypnotherapy can be used therapeutically for a plethora of problems so I always recommend a free, no-obligation call to discuss your unique needs.

I can offer single sessions or a month package including 3 sessions, a bespoke recording to reinforce our work, and 24/7 text and call support.

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