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Stephanie Day MScPsy AdvDip.REBT GMBPsS DHyp

Psychology has been a part of my life for 18 years, and after I graduated from my MSc in Psychology I specialised in CBT and integrative psychotherapy. If you are feeling a bit 'stuck', lost, or hopeless, then I would be happy to discuss your therapeutic needs in a free, no-obligation consultation.

I create a warm, safe and judgment-free environment where you feel listened to and understood. I will show you certain things which will help you overcome your problem so you can achieve a complete, transformative and permanent change. You will gain a deep understanding of your own thoughts, behaviours and emotions. I work in a goal-driven way, this means that we end our work together when you achieve your goal - so it's efficient, satisfying and worthwhile.

Any successful therapy means creating new neural pathways and that's what we'll be doing, this is why the changes you make will be sustainable. You will leave therapy as your own therapist, equipped with the knowledge to live life with freedom and fulfilment.

If you would like to read about some of my previous clients' experiences working with me, please scroll down.

Though I work primarily as a therapist I also deliver workshops for businesses and schools, click below according to what you're looking for.



I can honestly say working with Stephanie has been a life changing experience. She made me see there was more to life than fear, anxiety & depression, thanks to her work I am now a completely different person and I couldn’t be happier with how far I have come. I am so grateful to have met her and I will use the tools she has given me throughout the rest of my life!


Stephanie was much more friendly and human than any of the other mental health sessions I've been to while here - and I did a few as I'm welfare rep at my department.
I woke up thinking about some of the session the next morning, so it obviously hit a note. 


If I’d known what a difference Stephanie could make to my life, I would have started therapy a lot sooner! I was reluctant and apprehensive to, but immediately felt validated, safe and in capable hands from my very first session with Stephanie. We worked together for a number of months to process and heal years worth of problems (including anxiety, cptsd, sleep, assertiveness etc) and I’m in such a better place now to where I started (it still surprises me how far I’ve come and how far I’ll continue to go!) Thank you Stephanie! Definitely recommend to anyone considering seeking professional help. Forever grateful for your advice and understanding.


Stephanie is so professional. And I would like to say a huge thank you. As an international student from a family with high expectations, I collapsed in the first term oversea. Suffering from anxiety and depression, I had panic attacks and serious insomnia, and even eczema. With Stephanie's professional sessions, I started to form good sleep habits, exercise routines, and self-affirmative thinking step by step. The process was not easy, my situation went through ups and downs. Eventually, things were getting better. And I left this review on 31/12/2022, 7 months after my last session, proving that my mental situation was better for this long period. Being professional, patient, and caring, Stephanie did an amazing job as a therapist.


When I first contacted Stephanie, I didn’t know what to expect from therapy. I was very low at that point and was stuck in a spiral. To be honest, I didn’t think that therapy could help me, as I was so ingrained in self doubt and felt certain that I would feel that way forever. Stephanie’s amazing knowledge and application, coupled with her boundless enthusiasm and obvious care for her clientele helped me to address and overcome issues that I had suffered with since childhood. She was unerring in her belief in me and my ability to move forward. I never felt judged by Stephanie and knew instantly that I could trust her and I even started to look forward to our weekly sessions! I don’t have enough words in my vocabulary to properly review the impact that Stephanie has had on my life, but I’m certain she helped save it.


So thankful for all the help I received, I could not have asked for better guidance and care. Forever thankful and I would recommend Stephanie to anyone.


I can’t recommend Stephanie enough. I’ve told everyone I know about how much she has changed my life. Using CBT and REBT, Stephanie helped me to develop the skills needed to cope with my anxiety/depression and I couldn’t believe it when, as a result of me following her guidance, I stopped having panic attacks in environments that stimulated them. I can now go about my day-to-day life knowing anxiety no longer controls me, I control my anxiety, and that is all down to Stephanie. I’ll always be grateful.


I can’t even begin to explain how helpful, reassuring and amazing Stephanie is! I had been suffering with anxiety for nearly 8 years progressively getting worse and worse, despite medication (beta blockers) and previous counselling, Stephanie has made a real significant difference to me, my anxiety and my daily life and Words can’t even describe how much better I am and it feels!


Before seeing Stephanie I felt completely hopeless and that nothing could help me. Doing therapy with her was educational as well as therapeutic and I've learned a lot, my life has improved in a way I didn't think was possible. And now I know what I know, I can never go backwards.

Verified reviews can be found on at the link below as well as on Google.


It's always good to be reminded to step back from the stress and to think about why you are stressed/unhappy and what you can do about it. The presenter was engaging and charismatic and was the perfect antidote to negativity.

Short, engaging and succinct - practical for the work environment!

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